01 Dec 2016

New partners at BOKWALL RISLUND

BOKWALL RISLUND has the great pleasure to

01 Dec 2016

BOKWALL RISLUND has the great pleasure to announce the promotion of Mr Amir Mohseni and Mr Per-Owe Arfwedson to partners at the firm as of January 2017.


Born and raised in Iran, Amir Mohseni moved to Sweden at the age of ten. He received his Master of Laws degree from Lund University in 2004, specializing in competition law and has been working within the field ever since. After having worked as an associate in a top-tier law firm in Stockholm, Amir joined the Swedish Competition Authority as a competition expert and was part of the exchange of staff program with the EU Commission. In 2009, Amir returned to private practice and joined Olle Rislund and Carl Bokwall at their previous firm. Amir was part of the team that together with Olle and Carl established BOKWALL RISLUND in 2015. Amir Mohseni is an expert in competition law and is regularly retained by clients to handle complex and high-risk competition law cases.

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Per-Owe Arfwedson is a leading expert in procurement law in Sweden and is regularly highly ranked by ranking institutes. Per-Owe joined the firm in June 2016, but is not a new acquaintance to BOKWALL RISLUND, as several of the firm’s associates and partners have worked with Per-Owe in the past. Prior to his legal studies at Stockholm university, Per-Owe was active in the Swedish Armed Forces where he among other things participated in UN and NATO lead peace keeping/enforcing operations. His previous employments includes associate position at top tier law firms in Sweden as well as serving as a law clerk at Södra Roslags County Court. Per-Owe is regularly retained as a speaker at conferences, seminars and he also lectures in Public Procurement law at Stockholm University.

“It is with tremendous joy and pride we take these steps whereby we double the size of the partnership from two to four partners. Carl Bokwall and I have worked for a long period of time with both Amir and Per-Owe and know that they will take an active part in developing and strengthening our firm and our offering”, says Olle Rislund, managing partner.

“It has been a pleasure to have been part of the firm’s exceptional success since the start, and together with our highly experienced team I’m looking forward to further build on our strong track-record as first-tier advisors in high-profile cases”, says Amir Mohseni.

“I’m really looking forward to further developing our firm with all talented colleagues and together we will be able to meet our clients’ most sophisticated needs”, says Per-Owe Arfwedson.

BOKWALL RISLUND, which was founded two years ago, is a highly specialized law firm. We focus solely on competition law, public procurement law and adjacent areas of law characterized by prohibitions and sanctions where the stakes for the company, owners and management are significant.

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